I will be following government guidance. In order to make this as safe as possible for everybody, following  new safety measures will be applied:


  • All clients will be asked to wash hands upon entry. The door will be opened for you.

  • Disposable towels will be provided. Toilet will be cleaned after every use. 

  • Massage table, face rest, staircas handrail, door handles as well as all other surfaces will be sterilised after each patient

  • I will be wearing face mask. All clients are encouraged to do so as well.

  • The living room will no longer be available as a waiting room. If you arrive with a partner/child or other related person, he or she can wait in the therapy room for the lenght of your treatment.

  • Clients who feel unwell will be asked to stay at home even if they have a treatment scheduled. No cancellation charge will be applied. 

⦁    And no hugs I'm afraid. We can shake a boot :)