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Welcome to home of Tuina Medical Therapy by Pavel Langer

         Traditional Chinese Massage Tuina, Reflexology, Gua Sha, Moxibustion and Cupping Therapy in the centre of York and Hebden Bridge. Tuina massage has been practiced in Chinese Hospitals for centuries and are the primary point of health care in the Chinese Health System.  Now available in the UK.

         Treatments are focused not only on pain relief, problems with musculoskeletal system, increasing mobility, but also targeting stress relief, depression, anxiety or sleep problems as well as improving sports performance and increasing well-being,  and feeling of euphoria.

My Holistic Services




Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is another popular therapy that uses suction cups. These cups are placed on a tight area and bring a lot of fresh blood into circulation that improve regeneration and lessen the pain in the area. If massage works on pressing the muscle down: kneading and separating the muscle fibres, cupping works another way. It creates space by pulling the skin up so that the fresh blood can get into the area so that muscles regenerate a lot quicker. Often seen at top sports people including martial artists, swimmers, footballers and others. 


Tuina Massage

Traditional Chinese Massage as practiced in Chinese hospitals. Tuina was and is the main treatment that is offered. This medical massage is performed over a sheet over your clothed body and treats various ailments. Tuina is also beneficial for improving mobility and sports performance. Tuina is usually done using gentle to quite firm pressure using palms, thumbs, fingers, and elbows, added to this are various stretches and rotations.


Also known as Alternative Zone Therapy, Reflexology has been used in ancient India, China or Egypt. Apart from a great relaxation effect  Reflexology targets specific meridian channels (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as well as organs, muscles and bones in the body simply by touching the feet! If there is a problem in the body that cannot be accessed directly, Reflexology can offer useful alternative how to target the area. Reflexology can be added to the treatment at no additional cost.

Gua Sha

An ancient science of separating muscle fibres.
Gua Sha works wonders on muscles that are very tight / knotted. It is possible to separate these muscle fibres by scrubbing the skin with a specific tool made of jade stone. By doing so the area gets a fresh supply of blood and therefore regenerates a lot quicker than it normally would. Gua Sha is excellent for improving muscle function and therefore is very popular with people with old injuries or sports people that want to enhance their performance.

Natural Healing and moving your Qi. Moxibustion is another old technique used to stimulate certain acupuncture points by burning a moxa stick or placing small moxa triangles on the skin that stimulate the points. A great helper with accessing areas that are problematic to reach by massage like joints. Moxibustion can also be added to the treatment at no additional cost. 

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